Review: Camp Carrawak


Camp CarrawakWinter is still here, folks, and what better way to wait out the cold than to scoot closer to a campfire and let your hands and heart be warmed by some soulful songs and stories brought to you by Kalk Bay Theatre regulars, performance powercouple Lucy and Alex Tops.

After a runaway success at the National Arts Festival in Grahamstown, Alex and Lucy Tops are bringing Cowboy country to Kalk Bay with their debut show under LIPSMAC productions called Camp Carrawak. It is most definitely a show you can bring the whole family to – your kids will love the horsies and the yee-haws, your friends and partners will love the sexy below-the-belt punchlines, and grandma will love the classic songs from Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, Crosby, Stills & Nash and other country classics. Lucy and Alex bring their own unique cheek to these songs – somehow the songs are more fun than ever before.

A lot of the power of this comedy cabaret lies in the dynamic of this off-stage and on-stage couple. With a seamless sync between them, it allows space for them to play with the audience as well as with each other through skits and stories. Lucy Tops mesmerizes as always with her ethereal voice and Alex throws in a whole new level of lyrical prowess. Expect audience involvement – knee slapping, cheers yelping, some live interaction as well as feeling part and parcel to their whole Western story.

With Mr and Mrs Tops, you know that you’re in for a solid hour of entertainment, toe-tapping and big smiles. So put on your cowboy hat, click them spurs and mosey on down to the swinging doors of Kalk Bay Theatre to get your shot of Camp Carrawak comedy.

Marilu Snyders

Camp Carrawak runs at the Kalk Bay Theatre 2 to 20 August 2016.


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