Review: Cape Dance Company


The one thing I really love about dance is the expression without the use of words. A mixture of effortless yet breathtaking movement complimented with impeccable lighting, sound and costume. There’s nothing like creating your own inner dialogue to someone else’s choreography. This is exactly what I got from the Cape Dance Company’s new season at the Masque Theatre.

I arrived to the electric buzz that is typical of an opening night. The theatre was packed and as I took my seat, I was unaware of the beautiful experience that was to follow.

The show consisted of four performances that took the audience on completely different journeys. The technicality, musicality, emotional connection and commitment of leaving their all on the stage by the dancers was flawless. They danced like it was the last dance they’ll ever do. Shouts of “Bravo” echoed around the theatre as the lights faded out on every performance. The choreography was engaging and thought provoking.

There were two outstanding showcases of what dance should be. The first was God’s Waiting Room, a look at what happens at the moment of death when the spirit leaves the body and crosses over. From the moment the dancers realise they have passed on to them experiencing this state of unknown to finally them accepting it. Choreographer and founder of the Cape Dance Company, Debbie Turner, did an amazing job in interrupting the concept into movement. The three dancers engaged with the concept so beautifully and with Geff Buckley’s “Hallelujah” as the vehicle for it all, I was left in awe.

The second performance was US Traveller. The lighting design by Gary Fargher was amazing and created a mood that took me back in time. The dancer stepped on stage in flamboyant costumes with witty attitudes that sent giggles around the theatre. The standout dancer in this performance was Henk Opperman whose performance was quirky yet charismatic with a touch of technical genius. Choreography by Michelle Reid was theatrical and oddly brilliant. Her use of suitcases and an umbrella added to this journey of eccentric characters.

In all this hour show is a great opportunity for everyone, whether in the dance industry or not, to experience exceptional talent combine with watertight production.


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