Review: Cape Town Festival of Beer 2011


Despite being utterly besieged byCape Town’s infamous wind over the weekend, everybody was still more than keen to get in on the action atHamilton’s Rugby Club for the second annual Cape Town Festival of Beer.

Nestled discreetly alongside the gargantuanCape Townstadium and overlooked by the official 7th natural wonder of the world, TableMountain, the Rugby Club is becoming a popular venue.

With over 40 brands of beer from all over the globe, the product of numerous brewing styles, there’s not much lacking if you enjoy a good pint of the gold-coloured ambrosia of the gods. Certainly you can’t help but be tempted to try as many different types as possible! I came across a totally new variety – a Tequila-flavoured beer. Fantastic. And I don’t even like Tequila.

There was even wine. Not in nearly the scale as beer… but it was there. Lurking. In fact, the only missing ingredient for an authentic SA experience was a braai.  But no matter, there were the usual type of fast foods one would expect to find at most events: burgers, pizzas etc.  And yes, there were some German bratwurst and sauerkraut and other Deutsche offerings.

As per the first event the previous year, they kept things going with some fantastic live music and rugby (though I doubt anyone really cared about the teams that were playing. It wasn’t us. OrAustralia, or evenNew Zealand… but I suppose those teams were busy elsewhere that weekend). Lederhosen was also readily viewable for those that like that sort of thing. So generally a big thumbs up on the entertainment front.

There were two small bleats I’d have to make though.  Firstly the pricing seemed a little too high. While the food and drink were bountiful and looked great, R 25 for a normal glass of beer seems a bit too much to me and it was the same with the food.  Secondly, the ‘frauleine’ who were serving the tables seemed to look as though they may have had somewhere else to be. Hopefully I’m wrong. Maybe it was the long hours and the freight-train of wind blowing through, or maybe it’s just that my face is strictly for radio only. But either way, I’d have liked to have been wooed into participating in much beer-related revelrie.

Once again, a big shout out to the taxis there to drive people home after indulging in the good stuff.  All in all, it was another hugely enjoyable event, building on the success of the first, so we all can be sure to be there again in November 2012. Fortunately just in time before the world supposedly ends (again) in December. Now there’s a good reason to go all out at next year’s Cape Town Festival of Beer.

Bryan Nel

The Cape Town Festival of Beer took place at the Hamilton Rugby Club 25 – 27 November 2001


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