Review: Cape Town Folk & Acoustic Music Festival 2011


Farryl PurkissThe Cape Town Folk & Acoustic Music Festival brought a night of wonderful South African talent to the CTICC. Despite the slightly odd choice of venue for what was essentially a ‘hippy’ event, this was all about the music.  Regardless of all other issues, it’s this music and this talent and this kind of event that makes it worth living in South Africa.

The evening kicked off with the Marshall Music Acoustic Guitar Cape Town Competition winner, Philip Malan, getting the expectant audience all worked up.

Then several hours of a brilliant line-up kept us boogying in our seats, including big names such as the ever humble guitar master, Steve Newman, who earned a standing ovation.

The effect of the liquid gold big voice and piano accordion of the Jack Mantis Band was best described by MC Mike Joubert, who said it “Kinda makes you miss people you didn’t know you knew”. Guy Buttery then enchanted the audience with the acoustic marvels of Fox Hill Lane and his alien song incorporating a saw played with a violin bow.

Some new gems also graced the stage, including Janie Bay, a fresh talent from Helderberg who, along with her brother aptly named “the Beard”, gave a magical combination of sweet vocals and great guitar work.

Louise Day’s beautiful voice and country sounds pleased the crowd, while Diesel Vanilla’s angelic tones sent shivers down the spine. Natasha Meister brought us the blues from Canada and Machineri’s Sannie Fox proved that her big voice could go back to unplugged.

Living legend, Brian Finch, had the crowd on their feet with his hurricane country-rock, followed by the dark and rocking sounds of Tombstone Pete, who does something entirely new with a guitar, and sizzled with energy on stage.

Andrew James and the Steady Tiger toned things down with a hypnotic acoustic set incorporating a lap slide and frame drum, before Farryl Purkiss’s harmonica and cheeky lyrics had the audience giggling and tapping along.

To end the evening off, Ard Matthews from Just Jinjer, delighted the crowd with a new song, ‘Ascension’, and a sing-along with an old favourite.

A big thank you Gavin Minter whose vision brought us this incredible music festival.  I am not alone in sincerely hoping that this will become an annual event on the SA music calendar.

Lizette Liebenberg

The Cape Town Folk & Acoustic Music Festival took place at the CTICC on 10 December 2011.

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