Review: Cathy and the Trolley Dollies


Trolley DolliesHave you ever wondered what the air stewards talk about during flights, or when they’re preparing meals and beverages behind the curtain? It ain’t always pretty. The Trolley Dollies share a few of their favourite secrets, stories and pet hates with witty repartee and song and dance.

Led by Cathy Specific (Brendan van Rhyn), who is pure class all the way, she utters even profanities with style. Cathy began her career with the 2010 musical comedy Mile High with Cathy Specific, and she also stole the show as co-presenter at this years’ Fleur du Caps. Accompanied by fellow stewardesses Holly (Christopher Dudgeon), the bitch of the airline, and Molly (Rudi Jansen), the naïve and perpetually sunny poppie, each bring oodles of charisma to the trio and hold their own when singing as a group as well as during their individual solos.

The evening begins before even entering the club. At the red carpet and velvet rope entrance, guests are greeted warmly with a kiss on each cheek by Cathy herself. Inside, the venue is plush, upmarket and divine and, for once, we could actually dress up as opposed to donning casual attire for a night at the theatre.

Dinner was delicious and began an hour before the performance. It consists of a Mezze platter, which has plenty of vegetarian friendly options, with an assortment of warm breads and a tasty sweet brown onion soup. There are also great wheat-free breads for those who prefer.

More cabaret than drag, the performers sing every note of each song. Treasures such as Tina Turner’s ‘Proud Mary’ and Dolly Parton’s ‘9 to 5′ are delivered with prowess and keep the audience excited throughout. The ladies seem to really enjoy performing, and some of the most entertaining parts of the show were when the stewardesses themselves broke character and couldn’t help laughing.

Everyone at my table was in hysterics throughout the performance, and the energy never dropped. Without giving away hints of their costume changes, we couldn’t help but feel a twinge of envy for their pert, cellulite-free bums!

The evening ends when the ladies come around after the show to chat personally with the audience, while mouth-watering alcoholic ice-cream is served.

With delightful outfits, extreme hair, and song and dance routines as polished as their long, purple finger nails, The Trolley Dollies possess glamour and humour in equal and abundant doses. Be prepared for one liners and lots and lots of innuendo. No flight will ever be the same again.

Suzanne Duncan

The Trolley Dollies is on at Gate69 until 29 July 2017. Show may be extended. 



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