Review: Celebracion Flamenca


OLÉ! OLÉ! OLÉ!  Wow – what a performance!  As a modern dancer myself, I find all dance genres entertaining, but to see my partner’s jaw hang on the floor confirmed that this was a one-of-a-kind performance. He might have been googling the curvaceous, sultry dancers of course… but I would like to think it was for the amazing moves.

What set Celebracion Flamenca aside from other Spanish dance performances was the spirit with which it came across.  The group gave the appearance of a family which spends every available minute singing and dancing – as though any moment an impromptu party could start complete with a cellist, two guitarists, a flutist, two back-up singers and a soloist, Lorean Swartz, with the most authentic second hand Spanish accent I have ever heard! Not to mention her voice – absolutely powerful, and her face tells a story, so that even if you don’t understand the words, you feel that you comprehend the meaning.

These dancers had me on the edge of my seat, absolutely mesmerised. Their feet must have moved at 1000 taps per minute. So fast – yet so precise and rhythmic.  One of the performers  (the instructor?) was absolutely captivating. I could not look away from her eyes, it was almost as if she had me hypnotised.  Or possibly it was the two Margaritas I had beforehand both hit me at once.

The atmosphere was electric – with the audience shouting ‘hopa!’ and ‘ole!’ along with the dancers and musicians – making me feel I was at the centre of a dusty little Spanish town. The swirling black and white polka dot skirts were swishing and swaying as the ladies challenged each other and the men – clad in beautiful suites – danced with energy, authority and masculinity. It was evident who stole the onlookers’ hearts. The three male dancers had the audience roaring (it was, admittedly, a female-dominated audience)  and the air was drenched with testosterone – making the ladies swoon and applaud as the dancers exited the stage.

Not only does On Broadway offer amazing productions, but they boast a delectable menu too. And to top it all, while we were nibbling on spring rolls, samoosas and chicken strips, our tickets were collected on our behalf at the ticket office – how spoilt is that! Olé to the service guys! I’ll be back.



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