Review: Chris Chameleon at Dorp Street Theatre


chris-300x226I have been fortunate enough to see some of the best acts in Cape Town this year, including 30 Seconds to Mars, fokofpolisiekar, Goldfish and Feeder.  I am not showing off (well, ok, maybe a little) but I want to give some validity to my next statement: Chris Chameleon at the Dorpstraat Theatre was my best gig for this year.

It was that good. This man has a talent that transcends culture and age. He performed songs in German, Dutch, Afrikaans, English and BOO! And in the Dorpstraat’s ‘Goldilocks’ surroundings (not too big, not too small… just right) it was beautiful.

The set was comprised of a range of songs from his extensive repertoire of songs from both his band, BOO!, and his stand alone work.  In a Jekyll and Hyde move Chameleon would morph from his ordinary looking skinny white boy self into his BOO! persona and, without any costume or makeup change, a high pitched trannie stood before us.

The audience was made up of a collection of people from different generations with different ways of expressing their enjoyment of the show. There were those who wanted to clap along, while some (myself included) wanted to jump up and dance.  Others (like the Plus One) preferred to merely let the beauty of the music wash over them. Chameleon rewarded the audience with an encore, something he never usually does.

After the show he signed CDs and shirts and chatted to his fans. The Plus One cornered Chameleon for a lengthy Twitter discussion. My personalised “She’s not heavy, janadidthis is my sister” shirt has jumped to the top of my clothing hierarchy.

BOO! puts on an amazing theatrical show, but the band has nothing on a lone Chis Chameleon on stage with his acoustic guitar.

By Jana Stevens


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  1. elize van heerden

    ek wou nog altyd ‘n konsert van Chris Chameleon bygewoon het, nou is ek net nog meer vasbeslote, al sal dit ook beteken ek moet na ‘n buurdorp ry vir dit.


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