Review: Cooked at the Kalk Bay Theatre


CookedIt’s the Easter Holidays! Yippee! But how do I keep the kids entertained? How do I keep myself entertained? How will I stop myself from eating too many Easter eggs? So many questions. As for the first, take the kids to one of the beaches on the peninsula and stop off at the Kalk Bay Theatre to watch the new kids show Cooked. As for the second question, join the kids. And as long as you don’t take any Easter eggs into the show, you should be ok.

Cooked is an interactive theatrical comedy for ages 2 – 92 about the mess and stress involved in a live cooking show. Richard Lothian and Alex Tops star as the head chef and the clumsy assistant who make the biggest mess I have ever seen in a kitchen.  As Tops assured us early on, when all goes wrong we need not despair because in cooking ‘measurements are [only]important-ish’.

Lothian, a trained actor, stunt man and trapeze artist, ‘slips’ impressively on a banana peel, and the audience has to applaud and ‘oooo’ as signalled at the appropriate times, just as one is expected to do as an audience member of a live game show.

The pair are at their best when involved in slapstick and knock-around comedy. I can’t help hoping that further shows will see an extension to the plastic sheeting protecting much of the stage so that they can go really wild.  For the younger audience members in particular, some of the dialogue could be cut to make way for more action, and even a double speed version of the show, once ‘filmed’ at normal speed could be thrown in.  A red light bulb to indicate ‘on air’ and ‘off air’ might also help with clarity.

Truly entertaining for all ages, the show is funny, to say the least. Producer Vanessa Harris, best known for her work on Big Boys Don’t Dance, successfully found a balance between including the audience in the show and not intimidating the viewers so that it is still possible to sit back and relax. She is currently working on another new show with a similar audience interaction, but geared towards an older audience. I won’t say too much…

I have now seen what happens when you put mentos into Cola, I’ve learned a new dance and I can’t wait to go see the next show at the Kalk Bay Theatre. After many more laughs, I can safely say that I have learnt what not to do in the kitchen.

by Maike Gevers

Cooked runs till the 9 April at the Kalk Bay Theatre. Shows start at 11am and ticket prices are R55.

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