Review: CTICC 10th Birthday Feat. Mi Casa & Friends


“We are Mi Casa, and you are… beautiful!”
Damn. That sounded like a big lump of Gouda on crackers – so cheesy – but still somehow perfect.  The MC abilities of JSomething, lead vocalist of Mi Casa, were more a combination of flirting and singing, with only a light sprinkling of presenting. But perhaps the flirting can be excused… he is Portuguese after all.

For the occasion of its 10th birthday anniversary the CTICC was illuminated with pink and purple lights, but still the stiff-backed conference centre came across as the person who is at the party because he has to be rather than because he has any real inclination to get his groove on.  Perhaps by its 18th birthday it’ll have learnt to soften up a little.

Mi Casa only took the stage at about half past nine, which meant there was plenty of time to get a feel for the party and see what the VIP band on my wrist meant. After very little exploring, I found myself in the exclusive VIP section. And it was a good feeling saying to the bartender “Yes sir, I do indeed have my VIP slip.  One virgin daiquiri please.”

The addition of snacks at a club night was slightly unfamiliar, and I had one or two flashbacks to my grade 10 dance. But oddly enough having some miniature tarts and quiches was actually surprisingly delightful, and this may even turn into a food review.

Although the scene and feel was somehow very much Joburg-esque, the crowd was as Capetonian as it comes and only just after 9pm, there were already groups of people milling, sitting or standing but only ever a few that were dancing.

However, as soon as Mi Casa took to the stage the dance floor was flooded. The performance started off with Mo-T playing a trumpet solo which sounded as though each note spiralling out of his trumpet had been dipped in liquid gold.

Because Mi Casa is commonly labeled as a soulful house band, it is easy to forget that each member is in fact a well trained musician with a deep understanding of music.  This was highlighted by the direction of their performance as each member of the band, and each supporting member, performed a solo. Can you imagine!  A percussion solo that was actually exciting and lively, a bass guitar solo which put a spin onJingle Bells’, and a  keyboard solo from band member  Dr. Duda that somehow ended up in a full cover of Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’.

There was even a moment which can only be described as the brinkmanship of music, where two soloists were battling it out. It was spectacular. So many solos meant that the performance ending up being a dance party with the occasional jazz club interlude, which was as refreshing as the daiquiri.

Jsomething’s onstage presence was absolute. His charm and charisma didn’t once slip, and because it was evident that he was loving being there it was almost impossible not to feel the same way.  The chemistry between Jsomething, Dr. Duda and Mo-T is something from a fictional science text book; unbelievable.

Having forgotten that the show was in fact Mi Casa & Friends, I was caught entirely by surprise when Jimmy Nevis was brought on stage to perform his and Mi Casa’s new song  ‘Feel the Love’ which sent the females in the crowd into a frenzy.  And hearing their breakthrough song, ‘These Streets’,  performed live was confirmation of why Mi Casa is considered to be one of the best Soulful House performers.

The last thing JSomething said to the crowd was, “We are officially in love with you”. I can guarantee his feelings are returned.

Aisha-Bibi van der Ross

Mi Casa performed at the CTICC as part of its 10th birthday celebrations.


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