Review: Face the Music


Followspot Productions, the production child of Vanessa Harris & Ash Searle, is characterized by a few signature elements. You can be assured that it will be performed by a crew with incredible talent. You can be assured that there will be loads of giggles – with jokes both silly and sexy. And you can be assured that there will be some audience participation. This last guarantee leaves some people weary of the front row, lest they be dragged onstage. And some, perhaps, secretly wish that they get to sing into the mic and perhaps become the next Kalk Bay heart-throb.

 But, Face the Music gives the weary and the wishful a safe space to explore audience participation. A music trivia game show where every audience member gets to be part of the show by identifying (and not shouting out) the repertoire of songs, impeccably delivered by the quartet of Queens. Lucy Tops, Hannah Hishin, Luella Holland and Teagan Shearer would have completely owned the evening, but they graciously allow MC Brad Searle to keep the laughter alive with his geeky ginger antics. Like only Brad can.
The show is tons of fun, interactive, challenging (but not impossible), and a whole new way of theatre – brainy entertainment. It’s the perfect excuse to show off your musical prowess and a wonderful evening out of the ordinary. This kind of show is best served with a group of friends or family – and take someone with who performs well on quiz nights to win yourself a bottle of red and two tickets to return to Kalk Bay for guaranteed enjoyment.
By Marilu Snyders

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