Review: Fascinating Aida


Tony Blair is a war criminal, Justin Bieber an amoeba and when shagging his four wives, Jacob Zuma keeps out of trouble. Oh yes, and Herschelle Gibbs is a d**s. The ladies of Fascinating Aïda are not afraid to speak their minds.

This relentlessly funny and surprising show is performed by a trio of English women who drip with sarcasm and satire. They sing, they do something that resembles dancing and they break all conventions of how ladies should act.  One does not need to watch BBC every day to catch the humour, but it will help a little.  They also tackle some South African issues without being patronising like some foreign comedians tend to be.

This show is a lesson to all theatre production teams. Besides from the fact that it is jaw-droppingly rude, it is beautifully paced with no lingering too long on any individual topic.  And the way the comedy and social commentary is packaged makes a refreshing change from the normal stand-up routines.  But comedians out there, take heart – this show has had a chance to be honed to perfection.  It’s been running for 27 years and the showbiz experience shines through every note.  May it run for many more.

Leave the prudes at home for a night of guaranteed laughs.  A definite go see.

By Jana van Heerden

Watch this YouTube clip of one of their funniest songs: Cheap Flights

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