Review: Goldfish At Kirstenbosch

6 to 6 July 2020

The funky duo of Dominic Peters and David Poole has become synonymous with creating a unique party vibe that leaves everyone wanting more. Whether they are playing at their residency in Ibiza, or their regular summer ‘Submerged Sundays’ gig at St Yves in Camps Bay or under the vast starlit skies of the Kirstenbosch gardens, their eccentric mix of electronica and dance sounds with bluesy jazz and African notes draws crowds from far and wide to revel in their tunes.

In a recent interview with the pair (read it here) Dom and Dave stated unequivocally that their annual Kirstenbosch gig is one of the highlights of their year.  That this feeling is shared by their many fans was evident last Sunday: every inch of grass was covered by hipster fans and families alike, all eager to dance to their favourite Goldfish tracks.

And the Fishies didn’t fail to deliver with an eclectic mix of old and new songs, ranging from the jazzy/African soul of their earlier days to their newer funky upbeat dance and electronic sounds. It’s said that only Goldfish can wind up the laidback Kirstenbosch vibe to a picnic-abandoning degree and sure enough, within minutes of appearing on stage amongst their myriad shiny instruments, they had the crowd on their feet, swaying to the magical mix of sexy soul and baritone base.  And that’s where they stayed – on their feet until the final song.

As the crowd went wild for Goldfish’s new single ‘Take Back Tomorrow’ it became starkly obvious how much Dom and Dave love what they do by the way they interacted with the crowd and fed off their energy. Yet there’s no arrogance with these two.  Despite the fact they had us eating out of their hands, it felt like teamwork. We felt assured that they too wanted to continue the party long into the starry night.

With Goldfish’s hypnotic, groovy tunes and the screaming approval of the fans still ringing in my ears on the way home, I felt I had just come out of a major stadium concert – the same electrifying vibe, the same adoring fans, though in a far more beautiful setting.  I doubt there can be a better way to spend an early Sunday evening than in that particular Goldfish bowl.

Mia Russell

Goldfish performed at the Old Mutual Kirstenbosch Summer Sunset Concert Series at Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens on 3 March 2013.


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