Review: Goldfish at St Yves – Uniting Crowds with Infectious Beats


Taking the scenic route to Camps Bay is not always the quickest way to get there but it sure does set the tone for a spectacular evening of beach-side partying at St Yves Beach Club.

Any frustrations over the traffic along the corners of Victoria Road were soon forgotten as I made my way up to the opulent venue with its breathtaking views and stylish yet casual vibe. Much to my relief, despite its chic Mediterranean decor the nice people at the red carpet venue didn’t mind mind that I’d arrived in shorts and a t-shirt.  After all I was by no means the only one, and as much as anything it’s this laid back attitude that makes St Yves a great night time spot to drift towards after a day at the beach; just don’t forget to shake the sand out of your shoes.

Contrary to nightlife tradition it is advisable to arrive early (even an hour before Goldfish starts their magic at 8pm) as you will still be able to find parking.  Arrive any later and you might have to shift a boulder to find a spot. And of course there are the stunning sunset views to soak up over a cocktail… Seating is also very limited if you are late.  The best is to go with a group and book a seating area in advance.  If you can’t quite stretch to the R 3000 minimum bar tab though, there is usually some seating at the bar – never a bad place to be!

So I was at the bar – mingling happily with the diversely interesting people – when suddenly everyone made a bee line for the dance floor.  Goldfish were up.  It was my first time seeing them live and they certainly lived up to their reputation as fantastic performers. Their unique sound is breathtaking when their act is seen live.  It gave me a new appreciation of the skill these two boys have to actually see them playing the sax and flute and interspersing the live music with the beats emerging from the decks. Their hits such as Get Busy Living and Fort Knox fueled a particularly explosive reaction from the audience, but even their lesser known tracks seemed to unite the crowd through an infectious love for the beat.

Heading home after wards, without a radio in my (courtesy) car, the music was still ringing in my ears.  The only problem with Submerged Sundays is… well… that they are on a Sunday.  Goldfish finish their set at 10pm (ish) so in theory it would be possible to be home and in bed by a reasonable hour but, well, once you’re submerged you’re submerged.  That’s one party that doesn’t want to stop.  See you there next Sunday.

~ @woict_student


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