Review: Goldfish Grooves at Kirstenbosch


Dare I say it?  I was never a fan of Goldfish.  But on Sunday at Kirstenbosch even I couldn’t help but to groove along to their refreshing feel-good sound. I knew a bit about them of course.  This quirky looking duo have created a brand new genre of dance/electronica which hints at elements of jazz and African music.  Supported by the likes of Sakhile Moleshe and Monique Hellenberg, the pair have produced a world-class performance and brought assurance that South African music is seriously on the rise.

At Kirstenbosch I experienced this for myself. The stage setting was broad and open for all too see. Armed with their arsenal of state-of-the-art instruments ranging from double bass and saxophone to keyboards and flutes, these two boys really went out their way to give us an amazing sound journey complimented by stunning vocals.

Judging from the audence, it was obvious that this was a family event.  I’d assumed the majority of Goldfish fans to be in the 18 to 30 year old bracket, but the demographic on view at Kirstenbosch was far wider. Clearly Goldfish has a wider fanbase than I realised.  There was more than one couple of 40-somethings grooving away to the number one hit This is How it Goes… and more than one set of teenagers trying to distance themselves from their parents.

Nothing appeared to faze the boys on stage though.  Allowing the crowd to interact with their stage performance is something that most international acts will baulk at.  I found myself grinning with delight as I saw that kids and intoxicated groupies were allowed to briefly jive their way on stage before being gently removed by the chuckling security.

It was a brilliant and some what tongue-in-cheek performance. For me, it was a great way to end the weekend and I can certainly say I will be keeping tabs on these guys in the future. After all, local is lekker.



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