Review: Good Will Acting: Random, But Still Fun


good-will-actingFour actors dressed in overalls with a plastic tiara and a tablespoon baby. As it is December I do not think that it is too early to declare it the most random thing that I have seen this year. How did I get to see this? Good Will Acting, the random play with random actors…. a pretty good summary.

Good Will Acting is the Christmas show for those who groan at songs in the Jingle Bells category, but who still love the spirit of Christmas and a good laugh.  When four very different actors find themselves with nothing in common but unemployment over the Christmas season they do the only thing they can, produce their own show. The fact that they have no money, no script, no director and no liking for each other is secondary to their need to succeed.

The result is a witty little play mocking the acting industry as a whole.  The details are kept very simple – product placement is used in such a blatant way that it becomes intriguing to see how they will work a security company into a Nativity play.  The costumes in the second act are made up of overalls with Velcro attached – as the actors slip into the various characters they simply attach the appropriate outfit. Props include hand puppet sheep and kitchen utensils with faces drawn on them.

Drawbacks are that the humour is very Cape Town orientated to the point that many jokes would be lost by anyone from beyond the Mothercity.  Some may also feel that the script veers too close to blasphemy at times – thin ice when performing a version of the nativity play – but they just about get away with it so don’t expect an SMS from a Christian group asking you to boycott the play.

By Jana van Heerden

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