Review: GoodLuck at Trinity – Engaging and Brilliant on Stage


GoodLuckTrinity night club was a colourful haze of flashing lights and glowing balloons while bubbles, confetti and ribbons whirled around the dancing crowd. On the stage Juliet Harding was reminiscent of a 1920s flapper as her rich voice – with its distinct note of playful sauciness – soared through the jazzy notes of ‘Hop On Hop Off’, her glittering sequined dress and swing style of dancing further evocative of a more glamorous era.

The evening had begun slowly at Trinity, with the crowds only really arriving after midnight.  But it speaks of the popularity of the duo of Juliet Harding and Ben Peters that the dance floor was packed as soon as GoodLuck took to the stage. Harding in particular has a strikingly engaging manner and her passion for the music is clearly matched by her delight in performing. Her carefree enthusiasm was absorbed and reflected by the crowd whose dancing and participation was wholehearted.

The “Lucky Packet” theme of this series of events was reflected in the playlist which included some surprises and some new tracks mixed in with their well-known hits ‘Taking it Easy’ and ‘The Vision’. Each ‘Lucky Packet’ evening at Trinity promises to be different, Harding told the crowd mischievously, “Because we love to surprise you.” Guest artists include Yoav, Mr Sakitumi and Pascal & Pearce though no dates are given… hence the element of luck.

The ‘Lucky Packet’ concept is also the name of GoodLuck’s recent release of mixed tracks.  A number of these CDs were distributed during the show, as well as lollipops which the band playfully handed out during their rendition of the jazzy Joey Negro and Gramophonedzie track, ‘No Sugar’. The childlike joy permeating the evening extended to colourfully lit candy canes decorating the venue, which bobbed gently to the upbeat electro-swing sound and the palpable enthusiasm of GoodLuck’s unaffected audience interaction.

As one of their last performances for the year, GoodLuck had good reason to celebrate, with six number one hits, a recent tour of the Netherlands and the release in that country of ‘Taking it Easy’ as well as the esteemed accomplishment of holding the number one position on South Africa’s 5fm Top 40 chart for the greatest number of consecutive weeks in 2012.

Harding and Peters concluded their set with the well-known song ‘London Sixteen66’ – which the audience sang along to earnestly – and the promise that they would be joining the crowd to enjoy the next act – further proof of their personal and unassuming manner. Electrified by the vibrant experience which they had just shared, the throngs of party-goers then danced well into the night, their jauntiness outlasting even that of the helium balloons.

Brynde Fisher-Jeffes

GoodLuck’s Lucky Packet Summer Wonderland evenings at Trinity take place on 7, 15, 21 December 2012, and 4 and 11 January 2013.



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