Review: Homegrown


Funnyman Kurt Schoonraad had the audience gasping for air in between laughs at his show, HomeGroan, showing at the Baxter Theatre. The opening video sequence was the best start to a show I’ve ever seen, with Kurt wandering the streets of Cape Town asking passers by what makes them angry – with hilarious responses.

Schoonraad explores important issues such as why you should never tell anyone the time on the Cape Flats, what shape testicles are and why aliens are racist. South Africans in the audience lapped up his references, and foreigners – while at times a little puzzled – learnt a lot about South African culture that they might otherwise have never known.   One warning – don’t sit in the front row unless you are prepared to be involved!

It was a bit disappointing to see the Baxter Theatre restaurant and bar enclosed with black boards – but good news that it is being renovated, due to be reopened mid-March. Luckily the Long Bar on the ground floor is still open, but inevitably there was a bit of a queue. But maybe it was a good thing… I’d have lost my drink via my nose during the show due to excessive laughter! Well done Kurt, definitely proudly SA comedy from the top shelf!


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