Review: Jack Parow At The Assembly


Jack Parow at AssemblyOn the last day of June, flocks of jocks and hordes of ‘alternative’ preppy girls made their fashionable way to The Assembly, to indulge in all things trashy and Parow. With ± 400 people dying to hear ‘Cooler as Ekke’, the crowd was in a frenzy as soon as Jack Parow took to the stage.

The Afrikaans rapper was draped in familiar attire, sporting his now rather famous cartoon-like extended peak cap and tank top; a gimmick that clearly works. Accompanied by a live band (a nice touch) Parow kicked into the set opener and immediately had the audience bouncing and grooving to his infectious tunes.

The backing band was in top form, belting out instrumentals that would work in a hard rock context. They played passionately and it certainly translated. The perfect backdrop for Parow’s rants and on-stage antics.

Parow is a local enigma.  A founding figure of the zef/rap scene, he has paid his dues and earned his title of celebrity.  With more than one album under his belt as well as music videos, and TV commercials he has gained a notable following not confined only to Cape Town, but across South Africa and Europe.  It is even possible to buy a GPS with his voice on it.

Jack Parow’s music may be debatable, but there is no denying that the man puts on an excellent and energy-filled live show. How much relevance the rapper will have in five years is questionable, but for now we can innocently enjoy his low-brow, ‘worker man’ take on local rap. 

Keenan Oakes

Jack Parow performed at the Assembly on 30 June 2012.


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