Review: Jesse Clegg


After he walked on stage it took awhile for my eyes to focus and actually see him. But there he was, Jesse Clegg, all in black against a black backdrop. I just saw his head and two hands strumming a guitar floating in mid air.  Blending into the stage was not the only reason I found it hard recognising him though. Generally musicians do not walk on stage, they get from point A to point B in some spectacular way. Jesse just walked as if he’s another member of the band. It was confusing.

I was not quite sure where to put this boy with one of South Africa’s greatest musicians’ blood running through him.   His music is easy listening, the kind that might one day be of the better songs on adult contemporary radio stages.  But today he’s adored by some tween girls holding up their numbers on posters for him.

Even though it is by far not his best song I enjoyed Walking With Ghosts. The song started out with mellow bongo drums and lyrics of Clegg proclaiming that the girl is the best thing to ever happen to him and built up to a big finish with the drummer back on the drum kit with Clegg now “realising” that they weren’t meant to be after all.  The song has a lot of depth and the instruments are used well to convey this message.

Jesse Clegg owned the amphitheatre at Kirstenbosch. The man can run, now he just needs to learn how to walk.

By Jana van Heerden


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