Review: Kaapse Musiek in Colour 2


Kaapse Musiek in Colour 2You can tell a lot about a generation, nationality, culture or just any group of people simply from the music they listen to.  In Kaapse Musiek in Colour 2 beloved Capetonian singer, songwriter and performer Alistair Izobell has compiled a score of music that is most telling of the diversity of ‘Die Kaap’, our people and our history.

The stage set contains a backdrop of Table Mountain, with a graffitied brick wall and a sheet of corrugated metal on either side of the stage.  The show features a live band: musical director Trevino Isaacs (piano), Melvin Williams (bass), Jason de Laney (guitar), Keagan Links (drums) and Jason Ward (percussion).

Performances include a cover of Ringo Mandlingozi’s ‘Buyisa’ and a swing rendition of Brenda Fassie’s ‘Weekend Special’ sung by Cape Town diva, Salome Damon, backed by the sweet harmonies of Nur Abrahams (Scrooge, How Did I Get Here, Music Alla Kaap), Edith Plaatjies (Blood Brothers, David Kramer’s Orpheus in Africa), Andrea Anthony and Robin Pieters.

Izobell’s energy is undeniable.  Each song is given a context of how it fits in the Cape, some of them giving insight into the history of Africa such as the Ghoema medley including songs such as ‘Daar kom die Ali bama’, ‘Jakkals op die Boer se Plaas’, ‘Stam Daai Boude Lam’, all sung with an enjoyment that permeated through the clapping crowd.

A tribute was made to the late Capetonian performer, Zayn Adams, who passed on earlier this year and who performed at Kaapse Musiek in Colour 2014. The singers performed a heartfelt medley including Adams’ ‘Give a Little Love’.

Izobell’s sense of humour and Cape Town colloquialisms sends ripples of familiarity through the crowd, keeping it truly Capetonian. True to the spirit of Youth month, most of the band consists of youngsters and a couple of rising stars in the singing ensemble. During the performance of ‘Senzeni na’, haunting images of 16 June 1976 were displayed on the projector, including the image of young Hector Petersen.

Young singer Austin Rose, performed ‘Please Stay’ and ‘I Love How You Love’, sung by Jonathan Butler as a child. Rose, with a package of boyish looks, a smooth voice and charming style, is the perfect picture for this section of the show.

Nur Abrahams performs a newly written love song by Alistair Izobell in which Abrahams shows off his impressive falsetto. Edith Plaaitjies also possesses a fine instrument of a voice.

Kaapse Musiek in Colour 2 is a lively, upbeat production that not only aims to look into our past, but also provides an insight into the local talent arising.

Lauren Vogt

Kaapse Musiek in Colour 2 runs at the Artscape Opera House until 13 June 2015.


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  1. Just love your shows

    I’m back in Mitchell’s plain after 30 years

    Can’t wait for the thanks giving coming up

    God bless

    Love Don Vino Probs too


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