Review: Kylie In 3D


Kylie's Aphrodite tour - captured in 3DMissing the Kylie concert had been a huge mistake.  All my friends who went had returned in raptures. What a chance then to see the 3D film of the London gig of the Aphrodite tour.

Obviously it wouldn’t be the same as the Real Thing.  In fact, I thought I might not even see the whole show.  I even went so far as to take the 5 year old along.

He loved it. The whole thing. We both did.  We danced around in our seats until our 3D glasses fell off, and gave whispered roars of delight at the end of each song.

There’s something about Kylie. Her songs aren’t great and she’s sometimes a tad nasal, but not liking Kylie would be like not liking cake. She’s the ultimate girl-next-door-done-good.  Personally I’ve had a soft spot for her since her days as Charlene in Neighbours in the 80s. She and I have grown old together.

And I enjoy success like this.  With Aphrodite she has thrown everything in – huge set, amazing costumes, fountains, synchronised swimming, contortions on hanging ropes, inspired special effects, classics, kitsch, the works.  And boy, is it a good show.

The girl’s over 40 but has the figure of an 11 year old and the energy to match, despite her fight with breast cancer just 5 years ago.  I was relieved to see she did find time to sit down occasionally, albeit on a huge golden winged horse or the back of an angel soaring above the audience.  And she did allow herself simply to stand at times… on a tiered fountain, and on a chariot pulled by S&M slaves.  Kylie doesn’t do things by halves.

And the choreography from the 20 accompanying dancers was nothing short of immaculate. There was a huge variety of dance styles, including a bottom-shaking African number, and more than a couple of hair-raising stunts.  The men, needless to say, were generally dressed in very little while the girls more often than not had fabulous mardi-gras style outfits.  Kylie of course was head to toe Dolce & Gabbana, ranging from the breathtakingly elegant to the downright gaudy.  But that’s the kind of lapse that makes me like the girl even more.

I thought the rock version of ‘Can’t Get you Out of my Head’ might have been pushing the song a little hard, but the Jazz version of ‘Slow’ was an absolute showstopper.  We found it hard not to applaud at end of most songs, and even at the end of the dance sequence for ‘I’m in Too Deep’.


All dancers, fashionistas, choreographers, producers, anyone who likes a spectacle, anyone who missed the concert and anyone who went to the concert but blinked.  Go see the film.  Take your kids too.  It’s a pile of fun.

Daisy Ions

Kylie – Aphrodite Les Folies tour 3D is playing at Ster Kinekor Cavendish 9 -11 September.


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