Review: Lark


LARK launch Gong is Struck at TrinityIt took a ridiculously long time, but finally the crowd at Trinity was satisfactorily intoxicated and hyped up by The Grrrl and Markus Wormstorm’s quality electro beats. After all, a few hours didn’t make a big difference to fans who had endured a two-year hiatus since Lark’s last release V.

South Africa’s talented superstar Inge Beckman was thus received with electrified excitement, when she dramatically appeared out of the smoke with band members Paul Ressel, Simon “Fuzzy” Ratcliffe and Sean Ou Tim.

Beckman was wearing a necklace made of fake animal teeth, which fittingly added a barbarous edge to the fierce and energetic show. And what a show it was. The country’s best loved act still has what it takes to entertain a scrutinizing crowd. They delivered an electronic extravaganza of what they are renowned for: experimental futuristic sounds. Yet their new songs exude an eeriness like never before, and Beckman’s ritualistic dancing-around-the-fire vocals epitomized Lark’s new darker feel.

Sadly, the spectacle was extremely short-lived, Lark being bustled off stage straight after their last song, so that encore-hopeful party-goers were reduced to milling around to a soundtrack of we-earned-our-money-please-leave-now playlist of mediocre dance and sing-a-long songs. 

The brevity of the show was disappointing and created a feeling of deception. Although the warm up DJs were enticing, the upcoming show didn’t merit the due reward for the long build-up to the performance – and this wasn’t due to Lark’s lack of competence, in fact quite the opposite – they rocked! But the evening fell flat after that and I left Trinity wound up and eager, yet frustrated that these sentiments didn’t have a playground to be merry.

Nevertheless, quality won over quantity and proved that Lark’s Gong is Struck is well worth buying. With some of its tracks recorded via Skype and tracked in a church, it’s a mysterious musical feast, with a touch of madness.

Christine Hogg

Lark performed at Trinity in Greenpoint on 27 July 2012.

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