Review: Launch of Durbanville Hills’ Rosé


Drinking before, say, noon would generally be viewed with suspicion.  Those who indulge soon after breakfast might be considered ill-mannered if not downright ill.  To protest, “But it’s for business reasons” might possibly be swallowed, but it’s unlikely.

Nonetheless, the media launch of Durbanville Hills’ new Merlot Rose kicked off at 11am without a care in the world. Lads in black offered canapés and welcome drinks of sauvignon blanc, while the guests milled about taking in the breathtaking views of the Cape or warmed themselves by the fireplace in the spacious tasting room.

The sauvignon blanc was clearly just to get us in the mood.  The main attraction was of course, the rosé. Pomegranate-coloured with hints of raspberries, this light bodied wine is definitely going to be a crowd-pleaser. It is not as sweet as, and veers far from, the cheap thrills offered by many average rosès. By using merlot grapes, and thereby producing a drier taste, the creators have made a wine that will appeal to white wine drinkers, and to those with a drier palate, as well as the conventional rosé lover.

Tuna, duck, chicken and summer salads are perfect companions to this wine, and its fun, summery character will no doubt be a welcome addition to winter parties. The grapes used are from the temperate low-lying, moist slopes, playing an integral role in the rosé’s cheerful bright red colour. Retailing at around R37 and carried in most liquor and grocery stores, a charming wine like this is bound to make an impact on the local market. A temptation at any time of day.

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  1. I enjoyed a bottle of this fantastic wine with pizza yesterday, and despite the miserable Cape weather – it went a treat! Proves that Rosé is not just a summer drink.

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