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Review: L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate


Warning: Shameless name dropping and fashion babble ahead!

I arrived at the Kenilworth Racecourse super coiffed but a little nervous of heading into the unknown.  The fact that a six foot blond in polka dot shorts was walking in front of me to the ticketing table was not helping matters. That Liezel van der Westhuizen just makes us all look bad. One girl did not need the leggy TV host to make her look bad, managing all by herself in a orange-peel-skin revealing white tube dress.  After seeing her I felt a little more confident with the white wrap dress I had chosen to accompany me to my first L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate.

Allegedly the Queen’s Plate is a horse racing event. It’s even at a racecourse and everything. However with fabulous areas such as the Stud Club and the Caprice Tent and a strict white and blue dress code the horses become a mere amusing side note.

The “bloggeratti” was out in full force with even the elusive Cape Town Girl showing face in a blue maxi dress.  I spotted La Muse from PopYaCollar all over the show and later with 2OceansVibe’s Seth Rotherham in the Caprice area. La Muse was also on the judging panel for the Best Dressed and Best Hat with heavy weights like Errol Arendz.

I lost my heart to various dresses especially the floor length number donned by former Miss Universe Michelle MaClean.  Jennifer Su, from the 5fm Hollywood Report, was just as friendly and bubbly as her radio persona in a one blue shoulder and a hat that stood at an angle. The Plus One especially appreciated her calf muscle accentuated by her sky high stilettos. Next I cornered Elana Afrika for a picture and was humoured with an air kiss fitting for good old friends of ten seconds. Her off-white turban ensemble went on to take third place in the Best Dressed category.

I figured it was not going to be a good betting day when our first bets on Lemonade and Danish Diva came in stone last. It did not go much better afterwards except for a blind bet on number three on recommendation of the betting lady which won.

The day closed off with a show featuring the talents of Lochnville, Louise Carver, Crazy White Boy, Gazelle and –  my favourites –  Zebra & Giraffe.

I usually judge an event on the cleanliness of the toilets (Synergy Live #fail) and the service at the bar. The L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate scored high with toilets cleaner than my own at home and friendly helpful barmen.

It was a fabulous day with beautiful people, lovely hats, fast horses, hungry looking jockeys and amazing wine.

By Jana van Heerden


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