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Theater-on-the-Lake-at-Rhebokskloof-by_mycitybynightdotcozaThe Theatre on the Lake evenings at Rhebokskloof have become popular outings for the whole family, and with a wide variety of artists on stage, they cater for every taste.

And yes, the stage is quite literally on the lake.  Ok, the dam, but lake just sounds so much better.  Willow trees provide some shelter from the wind, carefully placed lighting makes for a spectacular view at night, and the lush lawns provide ample space for the younger members of the audience to frolic upon.

Most people arrived early to take full advantage of the warm Boland evening.  Having found an advantageous spot, we unpacked our picnic – Rhebokskloof is one of the few places where you are allowed to bring your own food – and opened a bottle of Rhebokskloof’s Black Marble Hill Syrah wine.  There’s nothing quite like drinking a wine on the very grounds on which it was made.

Taking to the stage tonight was songstress Louise Carver, one of the most popular female vocalists in the country.  With hit songs like ‘Days Gone By’and some “oldies” including ‘Home’ as part of her set for the evening, it was sure to be a treat. Aside from her regular band members Carver was also to be joined by the mesmerising cellist, Carol Thorns.

As the writer for most of her own songs, Carver’s emotions are very real as she sings of love and heartbreak.  And then, just because she could, she blew us out of the water with a version of ‘Baby’, the smash hit that put teen sensation Justin Bieber on the world stageIt took the crowd a few moments to recognise the song as she had slowed it right down, but one by one and then all in a rush everyone twigged, and few could resist the urge to sing along.

Carver is not a lady to talk much, but rather she lets her songs do the talking.  All too soon the last song was sung, though it proved just in the nick of time as the wind had picked up, giving the sound guys a run around.

It was a beautiful end to the week and great way to start the weekend.  I would recommend an evening out at Rhebokskloof and I will certainly be keeping an eye out for more performances by Louise Carver in the near future.  A great, romantic start to the Easter festivities.

by Esme Nothnagel

Louise Carver performed at the Theatre on the Lake at Rhebokskloof on Friday 23 March 2012.


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  1. Rhebokskloof sounds like the place to carve(r) for next footsteps to create my next memory. Sounds perfect!!


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