Review: Lucy Kruger and the Lost Boys Album Launch


Lucy KrugerKruger’s performance, delivered with a fiercely concerned expression, and accompanied by ominous guitar distortion effects as well as trippy visuals crawling up the walls of the former church, enhanced her evident obsession with the dark and mysterious. Apparently a lot of work went into creating the right atmosphere for her beautifully deep and psychedelic song writing. Like Kruger says, launching an album is a ‘handover of emotions’; the musicians are passing on a score for a new person’s experiences. Now that the songs are written it’s time for us, the audience, to feel gloomy.

Dressed in a white dress, her appearance was angelic, which accentuated the dreaminess of her Celtic-sounding voice that floated above the dark roars of two electric guitars, bass, and drums, kind of like the white foam of a breaking wave. The Lost Boys’ accomplished musicianship shone through the darkness as they followed her meticulously, emphasising her lyrics and melodies with dramatic effect.

The timing of Summer’s Not That Simple is immaculate – it’s the perfect soundtrack for the pensive, melancholic winter days that lie ahead of us. Light up the fireplace, pour some red wine and let your mind be guided by the ethereal sounds of Lucy Kruger and the Lost Boys – you might discover some revealing subliminal truths, deep down in the furthest corners of your soul.

Christine Hogg

Lucy Kruger and the Lost Boys launched Summer’s Not That Simple at the Roodebloem Studios in Woodstock, Cape Town on 20 May 2017.


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