Review: Masked Vampyre Ball


Noze performed at the Masked Vampyre BallAmongst the comfort of masked vampires and burlesque beauties we reached the dance floor at the Old Biscuit Mill just in time for the end of Toby2Shoes’s set. Although a bit raw and a bit of a mixed bag at first, it was shake-ya-booty inspiring. Pretty pretenders flaunted their disguises with pride while happily ensnared by the smooth rhythmic contractions pulsing out from the ‘beat-ator’ behind the DJ desk.

After flailing our limbs to a chirpily innocent club remix of ‘I Wanna Be Like You’ from the Jungle Book, things got darker as the French DJ duo Nôze took to the stage. The weird stage antics were enhanced by props such as tombstone crosses and chickens with luminescent rubber spiders tied around them to look like their heads (no acid involved I swear). Smoke swirled as Nicolas Sfintescu and Ezechiel Pailhes’s creepy horror-esque beats seeped into the walls and floor, transforming the Old Biscuit Mill into a dark dungeon.

From there, Nôze took us on a journey to happier places. Bit by bit their unclassifiable versatility and nutty stage presence became progressively lighter until reaching the status of cheerful. With euphoric glee they presented us with ‘Remember Love’, a happy sing-a-long song that turned out to become a chirruping virus impossible to remove from the partied-up head.

When the set came to an end, despite the hippies trying to keep the party going with bongo drums, we reluctantly allowed ourselves to get kicked out.  But 2am is an early end to the night for vampires. Shaken up to just the right energy level by beats that promised the night would never end, Nôze’s nocturnal party-goers had to accept that the source was cut off. An alternative occupation had to be found until the murderous sun appeared on the horizon…

Christine Hogg

French Dj duo Nôze headlined Balkanology’s Masked Vampyre Ball at the Old Biscuit Mill on Friday 8 September 2012.


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