Review: MK Awards 2011


crowd_LMcC_4102Taxi Violence had a crazy man making sparks with an angle grinder, Jack Parow teamed up with Rapper JR and some skaters, and the Zebra & Giraffe front man was lowered on to the stage by wires.  It was not enough just to have South Africa’s finest musicians on stage, but they brought their A game.  With props.

And the MK Awards did not just rely on the performers. The stage looked spectacular and the girls carrying the awards looked like the love child of a fairy and Lady Gaga.  Comedy act Corné and Twakkie hosted the awards, with and without a full set of clothing.

Die Heuwels Fantasties cleaned the place out by scooping all four of the awards for which they were nominated, including Best Group.  Two of the awards, Best SFX/Animation and Best Video were for their collaboration with Herman “Mr X” Pretorius who sadly died of cancer before the remixwas released.  Another big winner was Snotkop, who did not attend the awards, but who picked up Best Pornstar and Best Collaboration (with Monique).

The Twitterverse was buzzing with unhappiness at Locnville losing out to Prime Circle on Breakthrough International Act.  But it all comes down to how you judge things. For instance I have always judged a band by a live performance before a recording or a music video.  Therefore, by my judging standards, Van Coke Kartel was the best group to win Best Live Act.  And, to my huge satisfaction obviously, they then proved their worthiness of the award with a high energy performance complete with fire and wolf masks.

And that’s how it is with award shows.  It is not about individual opinion, or who can tweet the loudest, but about those who took the time to vote for their favourite band.  Did you?

By Jana van Heerden

The Winners:

Best International Breakthough Act – Prime Circle
Best SFX/ Animation – Mr X feat. Die Heuwels Fantasties
Best Pop – Bobby van Jaarsveld
Best Neon – Die Heuwels Fantasties
Best Solo – Bobby van Jaarsveld
Best New Act – Die Tuindwergies
Best Pornstar – Snotkop
Best Collaboration – Monique ft. Snotkop
Best International Hit – Eminem ft Rihanna – Love The Way You Lie
Best Campus Hit – Dans Dans Lisa
Best Group – Die Heuwels Fantasties
Best Live Act – Van Coke Kartel
Best Video – Mr X feat. Die Heuwels Fantasties


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  1. Of course, that’s just my opinion. Although, that being said I guess Van Coke do have a broader fanbase being Afrikaans and all. Not too many English bands won any MK awards. Makes you think…. Prime Circle winning Best International Breakthrough Act over a group like Die Antwoord… begs some serious questions?

    • There I have to agree with you Marti. I think that people don’t always look at what the category is about and just vote for their favourite band. Die Antwoord is the best international break though South Africa has had in a while, there’s no contesting it.

      To a large extent MK (Musiek Kanaal) is targeted at the Afrikaans market. So it makes sense, for example, that Bobby van Jaarsveld won Best Solo over Jax Panik who is all over 5fm at the moment.

  2. Jana (woict_girl)

    Marti, There’s no doubt that Taxi Violence is amazing on stage. I’ve seen them perform on the same gig as Van Coke Kartel in Mercury Live last year (no props). I like them both but prefer Van Coke Kartel. But like I said in the article, in the case of awards it’s about the opinion of the masses

  3. Personally, I cannot say that I agree with your statement about Van Coke Kartel winning best live act. If you put Taxi Violence (without props) on the same stage on the same night, I can guarantee you they will blow them off stage, any day!


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