Review: Moonstruck


Whether it was exceptional planning or just a stroke of good luck, all aspects of Moonstruck ran with fluidity and professionalism. 567 CapeTalk and Discovery were well prepared for the event, even giving out caps, water bottles, beach balls and Frisbees along the way – a thoughtful gesture for those who may have forgotten essential items. The sun was out with full force and there was very little wind – of course, considering that an advantage would have to do a lot with personal preference. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful day with soft beach sand, dreamy waves and a breathtaking sunset to set both the scene and the atmosphere for the evening.

Parking was not the nightmare I had expected it to be.  Far harder was finding an open space on the beach. Thousands once again had flocked to this annual event in support of the National Sea Rescue Institute and Clifton 4th was an array of colourful umbrellas that covered a vast amount of the available space. After finally finding a place to set out our blanket and picnic basket, we realised that sitting too far from the stage compromised the sound of the concert. But the disappointments fizzled quickly as the music started, providing upbeat background music for our gathering at the far end of the crowd. As with all things in life, it can only be beneficial to arrive early.

It seemed as though the energy levels of the crowd rose as steadily as the sun set. The Solid Gold Session Band was phenomenal in their performance as they got the crowd going with renditions of popular sing-alongs and Cape Town classic tracks. Mesmerising views of the ocean, yachts and the audience were tinged with gold from the evening light until darkness fell and created yet another scene – flamboyant in its own right – to be enjoyed. Lights from the stage were put to use, and glittered off across the water. And who could deny Gangnam Style’s “horse dance” – children and adults alike joined in on the silliness and freedom that was dancing barefoot under the moon and the stars. There was no way to escape the fun.

The highlight, fittingly, was the illumination.  Thousands of glowsticks and candle lanterns shone their gentle light over the entire area in what resembled the beauty of overlooking Cape Town at night. And what made this event so magical was that it could be anything you wanted it to be. I saw a crowd with raised hands right in front of the stage, jumping to the beat of the songs and partying the night away. I saw families gathering together – watching over their children playing in the sand while delighting in the concert experience. I even saw a couple, oblivious to everything around them, lying back on their blankets and gazing up at the stars.

The verdict – Moonstruck is the epitome of relaxation and feel-good entertainment with little to no effort on your part. You have but to arrive to enjoy.

Kristan Wood

Moonstruck 2013 took place on 16 February 2013


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