Review: Joining the Moonlight Meander at Muizenberg


Muizenberg Moonlight Meander

The sea water reflecting the blue skies, the cotton wool-like clouds and the shifting shadows caused by the setting of the sun were more than worthy rewards for my successful endurance of the thick Rugby traffic en route. A cheerful crowd of people was assembling, many individuals joined by four-legged friends wagging their tails. I didn’t bring a pet, but I brought my boyfriend and he too looked happy to be by the sea.

Established  in 2008, Safer Together is a group of local volunteers who raise funds and awareness for safety within the Muizenberg community. Many of their events also have a social element, and the monthly Moonlight Meander – aimed at re-establishing ‘ownership’ of the beach after a spate of assaults – is rapidly growing in popularity with locals and visitors.

We gathered outside Knead Bakery opposite the beach front before beginning our walk along the sand. Elderly folk, toddlers, families, romantic pairs and groups of friends all strolled together accompanied by marshals wearing luminous waistcoats. Although the walk was not done solely by the light of the moon, the shining moon was clearly visible overhead.

Depending on the time of the year, the lighting will of course behave differently making every walk unique. Even though there is no view of the sunset on Muizenberg beach, the constant change in lighting caused by the sun disappearing behind the mountains creates spectacular, breathtakingly beautiful landscape imagery. And some walks will be lucky enough to coincide with the full moon rising from the sea – how glorious is that?  I am continually amazed at the divinely creative magnificence of Cape Town.

The pets provided much entertainment too: we watched as dogs dragged kelp and sea weed along the beach, only to abandon the objects and pick up something more obscure and unpalatable. And as we chatted to some surrounding walkers, even the dogs made new friends.

Keep an eye out for Marion Wagner, a Safer Together team member and charity endurance athlete, should you want any questions answered about the organisation. The other marshals are very friendly too and try their best to keep meander-ers together.

This was a great incentive for me get my feet in the sand and my lungs filled with the fresh sea air. Even after the brisk exercise my pet – erm I mean boyfriend – and I still had a whole Saturday evening left to enjoy. Whether you go alone or bring company, it’s a great way to get away from the city in a safe place with lovely people. It’s definitely something we’ll be doing regularly.

Maike Gevers

The Muizenberg Moonlight Meanders take place on a monthly basis. Keep an eye on WhatsoninCapeTown for details. For more info on Safer Together please visit


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  1. Very confusing. I looked up Muizenberg moonlight meander and see two dates. 11th March and 15th March. Im not sure which one is correct. As it is the first time i would like to go….

  2. I LOVE the Muizenberg Moonlight meander – one of my most favourite things! There are also some great restaurants in Muizenberg to eat at afterwards – Muizenberg’s the best kept secret in Cape Town

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