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OMG Quiz NightsIt’s said that smell is the sense closest related to memory. If that is the case, I shall remember the stench of our humiliating defeat for the rest of my life.

When we entered the Caribbean-themed restaurant Jamaica Me Crazy early on Tuesday evening, we were greeted by reggae music, friendly waiters and relaxed patrons who were casually chatting and sipping their beers. I was one half of a pair playing against groups of four and five – which is probably why we lost. That, and we hadn’t a clue.

A tall, lithe figure slinked to the front and introduced himself as Eugene Mathews, our quizmaster for the evening. He handed out booklets to each team so that we could write our team name on them as well as the answers to the questions he would read out. The categories were History, Science and Nature, TV and Film, Music, Food and Drink, Sport and Geography. Our team was named Gryffindor because we were mighty and courageous.  Eugene then announced that our first category would be on The Simpsons. We got all our answers wrong.

Our courage fled and never returned.

The questions that followed ranged from the common knowledge “Which artist went from being crazy in love to drunk in love?” to the obscure “In which body of water are the Islets of Langerhans found?” We gave up on any prospects of winning and entertained ourselves with providing deliberately ridiculous answers.  For “In which sport would you find a shuttlecock?” our answer was “Prostitution”.

There were first timers as well as returning players and although we came last, we still had a good time; though the good times are amplified the more members there are in a team. What surprised me most was that I expected the quiz to be a bit more lighthearted and the questions to be loony – it is tipsy people in a pub after all. Turns out it is a quiz that actually tests one’s general knowledge. The quizmaster’s acerbic barbs were entertaining and Eugene took it well when our team gave his name when asked to provide the name of the school bully in The Simpsons.

For a fun, challenging but exciting laugh-out-loud night with friends and drinks, OMG Quiz Night is definitely worth placing on your To-Do list.  I’m already limbering up for another bite, fuelled by the need for revenge.

Nwabisa Mbana

OMG Quiz Nights take place Tuesdays at Jamaica Me Crazy R25 – R100 per group  |  Mondays R30 at Beerhouse  |  Wednesdays at Alexander Bar R30 online – R40 


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