Review: Peachy Keen EP Launch


Peachy Keen LiveThe windy sounds of an upbeat brass section drifted down the stairs, past the temporary photo booth and on to the street as we headed towards Mercury Live on Friday night.

The Nomadic Orchestra was in full swing by the time we made it to the stage area. Their fusion of Balkan/dance music with tasty grooves immediately puts a bounce in the step of the listener – particularly impressive, since this is a band without a bassist. I was expecting an associated drop in sound or ‘danceability’, but the brass section proves more than capable, with the tuba playing the part of low end quite brilliantly.

Lack of vocals allows for the guitar lines to really stick in one’s head. Catchy and to the point, they make it easy for the audience to get down and groove. With the thump of the drums to give an added boost, The Nomadic Orchestra was an apt opening act and perfectly set the mood for the evening’s headliner.

Peachy Keen took the stage to a packed Mercury and immediately had the crowd dancing to a series of pop-esque rockabilly jams from their new album, Backseat Bingo. Their sound is easy to tune into and has a classic tinge to it, reminiscent of 50’s pop and rock ‘n’ roll.  The tattooed and pin-up front women Dom (vocals, rhythm guitar) and Lex (vocals, keyboards) really know how to capture the audience. With their cute moves and sweet vocal harmonies, there really is no reason not to smile.

The band is completed by Ryan (upright bass), Greg (lead guitar) and Brandon (drums) each of whom works their magic inconspicuously. This was Greg’s second set of the night, as he also plays for The Nomadic Orchestra. His talents are in high demand, and with good reason: he’s a man who really knows how to wield that axe.

Peachy Keen’s rhythm section is tight, providing a necessary kick to the otherwise jovial sound, and compliments must be given to the sound engineer as everything bit nicely through the mix. Highlights of the set included Baby Girl You’re Gonna Burn and Shot a Man Down (both featuring on the Backseat Bingo EP), with their energetic and catchy sounds leaving the keen audience in peachy stitches. The Franz Ferdinand cover was a treat too.

Peachy Keen play with assurance, easily convincing the crowd that their image and sound is sincere. It felt as if the audience and I were in a swinging 50’s nightclub. They’re not faking anything:  I’m sold. And so was everyone else.

Keenan Oakes

Peachy Keen launched their new EP, Backseat Bingo, at Mercury Live on 11 May 2012.

Photo courtesy of Biz Community.


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