Review: Perfect Wedding – Far from Perfect, But Still Enjoyable


Sophie had a rash. Had this not happened Julie (Jo Galloway) would have had a relaxing day off from her chambermaid job. But due to the rash, she had to fill in for Sophie. And stand in for Judy (Jenny Stead), a girl who slept with a stranger the night before his wedding.

Confused? Well that’s one of the less complicated plots in Perfect Wedding, a play I would like to call confusion comedy. It’s British humour, complete with the accents, only not as dry.

The last time I saw Alan Committee at Theatre on the Bay was in Defending the Caveman. I felt rather exposed in my third row seat at the opening of his new show. But it was not Committie the stand up comedian on stage. It was Tom, a well put together Navy chef and best man to Bill (Robert Fridjhon)’s groom. The two were very convincing as miss matched best friends and two men who learned the hard way that friends cannot share everything, even if it is by accident.

The actors worked well with the props on stage. They worked even better with the props that did not work, such as the toilet plunger that fell off the door. Alex Halligey (Rachael) kept a cool head when this happened and brought calmness to the stage when Committie and Fridjhon were on the edge of losing it by laughing.
The second act picked up speed with intense character development as the lies started unravelling. Needless to say the “Perfect Wedding” was not achieved (is it ever?) but I did enjoy the show. Yes, I do.

By Jana van Heerden


Watch The Perfect Wedding at Theatre on the Bay till 9 April



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