Review: Picnic with Spier Farm Kitchen


Spier Farm KitchenIf you’re like me, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as a lazy, sunny Saturday afternoon spent sprawled on a picnic blanket. Spier Wine Farm offers the dreamy garden views to go with the endeavour, and my, what an enjoyable, must-do venture their picnic experience is.

It seems that regardless of Cape Town’s weather forecast, the winelands are always teeming with sunshine and heat. And having pre-booked our picnic through Spier’s charming Farm Kitchen, we arrived at the venue with nothing but ourselves – not even a drop of sunblock applied or a hat in possession.

But our fear of scorching was put to rest as we were welcomed with incredibly warm service and, thankfully, an already set-up spot beneath the shade of a tree: blanket and pillows in place, a table and bench should we so choose, as well as an adorable hay bale seat. Pinterest goals, anyone?

We received our Summer Picnic Basket (one of the pre-booked baskets available), and chose Spier’s signature 2016 Merlot to go with our afternoon of uninterrupted snacking. At first glance, R580 for two seemed a steep price. But unpacking our picnic basket became a scene somewhat reminiscent of a Mary Poppins film – it was simply crammed full with delicious, beautifully presented locally sourced eats, a lot of which we couldn’t finish in a single afternoon.

The first thing I grabbed was the caprese pasta salad. A refreshing starter for the hot day, it was covered in basil pesto with garden-fresh baby tomatoes and generous dollops of mozzarella cheese. My fiance went straight for the Crispy Hoghouse wood-fired baguette, and added to it the farmhouse pates, some salami and camembert cheese – between the two of us, the camembert was the first to disappear.

I’m a bit concerned now that any braai I attend in future will never be the same because Farmer Angus’ potato salad was my absolute favourite item on the menu. Coupled with traditional farm eggs and herbs, the real standout was its topping: double smoked bacon bits. It was utterly flavoursome and had the perfect balance of saltiness. Much to my fiance’s dismay, I guarded my share jealously.

My sweet tooth, however, could not be ignored. And while the layered chocolate and salted caramel trifle wasn’t as sugary as my taste buds would have liked, I practically inhaled the preserved fig confit, all the while flooded with memories and flavours from my grandmother’s kitchen.

Spier’s Farm Kitchen offers a number of pre-designed picnic baskets for those who just want to show up and eat. And if you’re a little more particular, there’s the option of putting together your own menu for the day. With fresh organic produce, excellent winemaking and a quiet beauty, this was an afternoon of stellar quality.

Kristan Wood

Visit Spier Farm Kitchen’s website to book a picnic experience.

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