Review: Plug and Play


The Plug and Play Sessions are an informal platform aiming to educate and inspire local musicians to navigate the music industry with ease and know-how. A short series of talks by clued-up industry people are each followed by a brief Q&A and a two-song set by a hand-picked original act. Entrance is free, but booking is essential.

I am, at best, a reluctant beer drinker. So the evening was off to a great start when I received a R10 discount on the first beer I’ve truly enjoyed! Drifter’s coconut beer in hand, I took my seat to listen to the first speaker of the evening.

Josh Prinsloo (Fruit Vendor) introduced the evening’s interactive, conversational tone as our MC, and each speaker that followed was frank and approachable as they offered insight into different facets of the industry.

The resounding take-home from the session was that of the importance of creative community. Systems theorist Hagar Graiser introduced the idea of ‘citizens’ of the music industry all working together to benefit the whole. This idea was put into play rather beautifully when the audience stepped in for Zolani Mfihlo’s missing band with 10 part backing vocals. The Askaris and Ruby June performed equally vibrant micro-sets. I, for one, will be snapping up tickets to future appearances by each of these three.

While the music industry can often feel like an intimidating place, it’s really refreshing to meet people who are interested in creating spaces to collaborate, exchange stories and learn from one another. Not to mention the free pizza.

Mischa Ruby Fisher

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