Review: Power of 40 Networking Dinner Inspires


Stafford MasieThe Power of 40 report is an annual supplement in both Destiny and Destiny MAN magazines that showcases inspirational entrepreneurs and individuals across industries as diverse as fashion, science, education, film and entertainment. The only common element is their youth (40 and below) and their success.

Ndalo Media, in association with Bisquit Cognac, last week hosted the Destiny and Destiny MAN Power of 40 dinner and networking event at the uber-luxurious 12 Apostles Hotel & Spa along Victoria Road between the chic suburbs of Camps Bay and Llandudno.

The guests, all aspiring entrepreneurs and go-getters under the age of 40, were granted the pleasure of gorging themselves on fine cuisine and tasting Bisquit’s classy cognac – a sublime tour de force full of esprit and joie de vivre.
But the highlight of the evening was without a doubt guest speak Stafford Masie.  Best known as the former CEO of Google Africa, this successful technology futurist shared some inspirational thoughts and insights as well as a number of entertaining and enlightening anecdotes from his life and the world of business, technology and human ecosystems

Masie is an ideal example of a person who embraces the future with both hands and moulds it to perfection. And he is a natural at fuelling listeners with a need to pursue greatness through innovation and technology, the key, he believes, is to “stay hungry, stay fresh”.  When interviewing potential employees, he revealed, he always looks for signs of positivity, passion and complete integrity.  To him these are far more important than ‘mere’ competency: they are quintessential characteristics of greatness.

With this message still ringing in our ears, we were geared to network with some big names in business and entertainment. I even had the opportunity to share a few good laughs with local talent and entrepreneur, Soli Philander.

It was a fantastic evening and one that will not be quickly forgotten. Above all I have been inspired to raise my game.  As Stafford Masie urged us: “Don’t just do things, do great things.”

Faheem Abz Abrahams

The Power of 40 Networking Dinner took place on 16 May 2012 at the Twelve Apostles Hotel.


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