Review: Quiz Night in Cape Town with Ondine


Quiz Night Beerhouse Cape TownEarly on a Tuesday evening, and the atmosphere in the Beerhouse was quietly busy as people sipped on local craft beers and chatted to friends.  The Beerhouse isn’t your average pub; it’s high-ceilinged and spacious with an industrial-style décor.  With wooden tables packed closely together and dim lighting, it’s also surprisingly festive.

The closer it got to the starting time of 7.30pm, the more people packed into the room and signed up for the challenge.  Many had made the trip specifically for the quiz.  Others who were just there for a drink were no doubt influenced by the prizes on offer, which included a whole keg of beer.  With an entry free of only R 20, who wouldn’t want to give it a bash?  By 7.30pm, 10 teams – ranging from one to six people – had entered.  With the venue now packed, the noise level rose and excitement and anticipation filled the air.

Ondine Mond proved to be a fun and bubbly host who knew exactly how to get everyone pumped up.  As with most pub quizzes, there were different categories ranging from history and geography to music and literature, testing both general knowledge as well as challenging us to cast our minds back to things we’d learned in high school.  There were some obscure questions, some questions to which we knew the answers but for the life of us couldn’t remember, and some really easy ones that had us all gabbling in whispers.  But at the end of the night you realise it’s not really about whether you get all the questions right, it’s about the fun you have trying to answer them.  Throw in a time limit and a venue overflowing with world famous craft beers and you have a recipe for a laughter-filled evening.

For those who think pub quizzes are not an exciting way to spend an evening with friends, you are mistaken.  The Beerhouse venue, coupled with a relaxed and confident host, created more than just a night out drinking with friends.  It created a memorable experience we’ll be talking about for weeks to come.

Janice Garman

Quiz Night with Ondine takes place every Tuesday at the Beerhouse, 223 Long Street, Cape Town.  Ondine also hosts occasional quiz nights at other venues such as the Woodstock Lounge and the Grand Daddy Hotel.


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