Saul’s Saloon and Grill is a Burger Foodie’s Heaven


sauls-saloon-grilA burger-and-wine pairing seems a somewhat unusual combination – but after my experience today I am definitely a fan of this delectable duo.

Situated a block away from the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court – a point of much entertainment for the owner – Saul’s Grill and Saloon  has a longstanding reputation for its wide selection of gourmet-inspired  burgers; from the mouthwatering teriyaki chicken to a beetroot, gherkin and mayo burger, all served in a laid back family-orientated vibe.

After a rundown of the history of the establishment from the namesake himself, it occured to me that making a decent burger is not as easy as slapping some ingredients together – on the contrary, what seems like such a plebbish meal is actually a result of careful pairing and trial and error. No matter your hunger pangs or budget, big or small, there’s a burger out there for you,  and Saul’s a good place to find it.  For the terminally hungry or savagely greedy, take the Bronto Burger Challenge.  Finish this 700g patty in under 15 minutes and you could find yourself inducted into the Saul’s Hall of Fame.

All of their burgers are delicious served with wine (white or red) or beer or even a soft drink.

Saul’s also have branches in Sea Point and Maitland.


The Saul’s Saloon and Grill Wynberg branch has been closed down but the other braches are still running.  

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