Review: The Secret Masquerade


10420111_1510222122526551_930139578583771653_nA former Land Bank in the heart of the mothercity was revealed – on the morning of the party – to be the secret venue for a Venetian-style extravaganza in support of Project Rhino KZN.

The Secret Masquerade Ball gave guests an excuse to be mischievous as identities were hidden behind flamboyant masks that added to the chic-yet-mysterious ambience. Inspired by the theme, guests came dressed to impress in swanky ball gowns and suits with one outrageous exception who opted for body paint, taking extravagance to a whole new level. Many were unsure if she was part of the entertainment or just a creative free spirit who felt like going all out. Whatever her intentions, she certainly added to the fun of the evening.

A fire-dancer entertained the guests as they queued at the entrance, and later in the evening a trio of acrobats showed off some remarkable lifts and hoola-hooping skills on the dance floor. But the crucial entertainment came from the music acts. Jeremy Douglas and The Royals got the crowd going with rocking covers of pop artists such as Pharrell Williams and Bruno Mars. But the night was set alight by GoodLuck’s energetic performance during which lead singer Juliet Harding initiated a dance off that encouraged everyone on the dance floor to show off their most impressive moves, including some bizarre octopus arm movements from the girl in body paint which nearly spelt the end for the ice sculpture. Some kicking off of stilettoes was needed as the partying continued to the beats of DJ Tommy Gun.

The former tellers of the bank had been transformed into bars and the security area into a cloakroom. The VIP section, with its various balconies overlooking the entertainment and dance floor, was the envy of many, but the most popular area (besides from the bar) was the section around the photo booth for which there was a queue for most of the evening. What better way to encapsulate a memorable night out than with photos of friends dressed in amusing accessories?

The evening brought together an array of people not only to have a good time but also to contribute to a good cause. This hugely successful event was filled with music, drinks, laughs and mystery – ideal for a city such as Cape Town.

Angeliki Theodorou

The Secret Masquerade was held at QV54 on 21 June 2014.



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