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Review: Sowing The Seeds


Sowing the SeedsThe past few months have been a good time for music lovers but not so much for their bank balances. It seems like every month a new awesome act is being announced, and we have queued, we have cried in frustration and finally, after hours of trying, we have got the tickets. In order to meet the cost I have cut out all food other than stale bread and – still falling short – I have had to make the worst budget cut of all… music festivals. I was hoping that Sowing the Seeds might be a lifeline in this self imposed exile in the wilderness.

Sowing the Seeds is a peripatetic prequel to the annual environmentally-conscious music festival Rocking the Daisies, which is held each yearin the flower-strewn fields of Cloof Wine Estate in Darling. This year’s venue for Sowing the Seeds was Zula Bar on – appropriately – Spring Day.

Zula Bar was properly “daisified”. In typical R’ing the Ds style the line up (and directions to the different stages) was posted on the walls. The trademark over-sized daisies were placed throughout the venue starting at the door where two massive ones greeted all the arrivals. The venue was further softened by bright Chinese lanterns and clouds with raindrop crystals.

There were three areas: Live, Electronica and DJ Bar. We took Zula from the bottom up, first stopping over at the Electronica stage. We got there at that weird twilight zone DJ changeover time when there are still one or two people dancing but most people are standing about looking confused, wondering if they should stay or go.  Not the best time to jump in and start dancing so we bookmarked the room to come back to.

As luck would have it, it was the perfect time to hit the Live Stage.  Rumspringer met all our dancing needs and a few others we were not aware of, like seeing a hipster twirl his trumpet in the air. Rumspringer were followed by Iso, formally known as Isochronous, and the awesome Goodnight Wembley.

I’m sad to say that Sowing the Seeds did not give me what I wanted. It just made me want more. More music, more dancing, more rocking of them Daisies.

Sigh. Anyone want to buy a Linkin Park ticket?

Sowing the Seeds took place at Zula Bar on 1 September 2012. Tickets for 49M Rocking the Daisies will take place 4 – 7 October in Darling.
Click here for pictures of Sowing the Seeds at Zula Bar.

By Jana van Heerden
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