Review: Spiritfest


SpiritfestMost good weekend festivals are fueled by debauchery. But not all. If you’re getting to the “been there, done that” stage of boozy weekend festivaling, then Spiritfest may just be the breath of fresh nicotine-free air that you’ve been looking for. Steeped in healthy hedonism, Spiritfest is a child-and-adult-friendly space where you can get your stretch, swim and stomp on in nature.

With teepees and tents lined up in the shadows of the Paarl mountains, Spiritfest participants have a jam-packed schedule from Friday to Sunday. Luckily hangovers aren’t part of the programme, since the mornings start bright and early with Sadhana (personal spiritual practice) at 5am. With the first rays colouring the splendour of the mountains, we saluted the sun on our yoga mats each morning with the first stretch-and-breathe session for the day. Transformative dance sessions, sound journeys and more yoga filled the rest of the blissed-out hours.

The festival functions as a community: you can leave your child with someone you’ve just met. And those same ‘Spiritkids’ are kept entertained; animal communication, storytelling, and hooping workshops are some of the more popular activities.

So next year, do your soul a favour. Head to Spiritfest to recoup, realign, make friends, splash in the dam, eat cheesecake, drink superfood smoothies, try out every kind of yoga you’ve heard of and others you haven’t, indulge in philosophical conversations, clear the mind and relax – truly relax. This is inspiration at its best.

Marilu Snyders

Spiritfest took place on 20 to 22 of March 2015.

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