Review: St Luke’s Hospice Christmas Market


I didn’t know what to expect of this event, and was thrilled to find a quaint, friendly little market at the facility’s premises in Newlands. It was a special occasion to celebrate the hospice switching on its Christmas tree lights.

There was a range of food for sale, from fridge tarts to home-baked rusks, as well as some fast food with Saul’s tavern even providing a mobile stall. There were board games, books, bags and clothing for sale, both secondhand and new. I found a great pair of beaded earings for R 20, a vintage genuine leather black handbag for R 30 and a plaid brown leather belt for R 10, and I was thrilled!

A cheap shopping spree is definitely a good way to start the Christmas holiday. If I’d known just how good it was going to be, I’d have armed myself with more cash and got some of my Christmas shopping out of the way.




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