Review: Super Troupers


What would the lovechild of ABBA and 70’s TV series Charlie’s Angels look like?  Do tight pants on a man result in a high voice? What’s the big fuss about the 70’s anyway, what made the decade so great? I know I am not the only one lying awake at night pondering these mysteries. The Barnyard Theatre’s Super Troupers explores these significant themes and comes up with rather surprising answers.

The show is a cocktail of music from the 70s with equal measures of the Bee Gees and ABBA and just  a splash of the 80s and 90s.  Super Troupers is as cheesy as they come. There’s even a tacky movie-voice announcer, spangly matching outfits, big wigs on men, co-ordinated dance routines by white people… I’m going to stop now otherwise I will be typing all day.  Super Troupers is awesome!

This is a hugely fun show that does not take itself too seriously. The music is not always pitch-perfect and the dance moves are a little off at times but it doesn’t matter. It’s the kind of show that requires you to leave your cynicism as the door and give yourself over to the music. Best enjoyed as a girls night out with lots of wine and a swivel cut “Dancing Queen” pizza.

By Jana van Heerden


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