Review: Taxi Violence & The Plastics


taxi violenceBad news for those who have yet to check out the revamped Zula Bar: Taxi Violence completely destroyed the place.

It started out as just another quiet night in Cape Town. A hippy band opened the stage at Zula Bar on Long Street and The Plastics premiered the music video for Caroline where a pretty boy and girl make out on a couch like it’s 1999. Very cute.  If I could choose a band to play around me while I made out it would most likely be The Plastics.  They went on to make a decent sized dent in the stage with their set. It was nothing new – The Plastics are always good.

Things took a turn when images of a big furry head, Big Head if you will, filled the screen. It was the video for Long Way from Home, basically a day in the life of Big Head. This might have been boring if he had a normal sized head, but watching a giant head shave, sit around at home and blissfully splash around in a dam is mesmerising in a warped kind of way.

100% of Taxi Violence’s music was played at full capacity.  Even bassist Jason Ling, who usually takes a Johnny de Ridder stance to the stage, was all over the place.  To make things even better they brought in backup on rhythm guitar in the form of Nick Roos of The Sleepers for songs from their acoustic album.

The loose bouncy mosh pit set the stage for the most memorable moments of the evening – some competitive stage diving.  Click here for a YouTube taster. First up was Big Head who lost an eye. Unfazed, a pixie of a girl took her chances.  She lasted about 5 seconds before plummeting to the ground. In fact despite various attempts, no-one made it more than 3 metres from the stage except pint-sized Phillip Hotz aka ‘Papa Smurf’, who crowd-surfed around the entire room. Lesson learnt: don’t send a drunken youth to do the job of a greying 70-something awesome professional.

All that for R 40.

By Jana van Heerden


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