Review: The Cat’s Meouw


The Cat's MeouwKalk Bay Theatre has brought a thrilling new pop-opera musical to the stage – The Cat’s Meouw. The show is the latest offering from the hearts and minds of Follow Spot creatives Ash Searle and Vanessa Harris. I always get wildly excited when I hear about an upcoming Follow Spot production; even more so when it’s a wholly new one. And, as always, they’ve set the bar high with The Cat’s Meouw: the jokes are clever and the placement of songs so spot-on that you’ll delight in every moment.

The production showcases the new addition to the Follow Spot family – Tarryn Fox. No stranger to the stage or screen, Fox was classically trained as a lyric soprano and has an unreal, ethereal voice. Her doe-eyed prettiness charms without words, and when she sings she elicits even greater reverence, effortlessly hitting notes so clearly it feels like lyrical enlightenment. She shares the stage in a perfect yin-and-yang balance with Pierre van Heerden, who occupies considerably more space than her and matches her soprano with strength in his deep, soulful tones. Their on-stage chemistry flows naturally as they play off each other with faux seriousness and showstopping songs.

As with all Follow Spot productions, in between the well-loved songs, thigh-slapping laughter and sneaky stabs at Cape Town culture, there are sombre reflections on the things that make us human. The Cat’s Meouw raises the issue of the pointlessness of expectations – especially those of parents who dominate their children’s psyches (even from across the ocean).

Don’t miss this one – you’ll leave entertained and uplifted, and perhaps go to bed knowing that, once we let go of our expectations, happiness can be found in the smallest things.

Marilu Snyders

Cat’s Meouw is currently running at the Kalk Bay Theatre until 31 October 2015

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