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Review: The Dirty Skirts Deliver in Every Way That Counts


“Don’t throw your dancing shoes away”.

The new Dirty Skirts hit single is still stuck in my head. I arrived quite early at Zula and was amazed to see the transformation of the venue as it changed from a collection of rooms holding about 30 people to a throbbing venue jam-packed with hundreds.

Blue neon light shone across the stage with a looped projection of a Levi Strauss advertisement on the right hand side and guys moshing with excitement.  The place looked like a movie set. Long Street was miles away – this was another planet, another time. There was a palpable buzz in the air, and it felt invigorating to be part of it all.  I’d never considered myself groupie material before but the anticipation of the arrival of the Dirty Skirts on stage was enormous.

And then they were on and I just stood there and smiled. A smile big enough to make anyone else who wasn’t smiling feel bad.

The Dirty Skirts know how to rock out properly. Jeremy de Tolly, I have no words.  You are a rare species. This band has a stage presence to the degree that they could just stand there and the crowd would feel blessed.  The there is the band’s new sound. Still trending the alt-indie sound but with a cheeky feel to it.

The Dirty Skirts have many strengths, not least the exquisite vocals of de Tolly, but also the outstanding guitar work and vocals by David, bass guitar layers by Passion, and drums by Markie De. A fabulous recipe for synthesized melodies and general awesomeness.

Huge congratulations to Zula Sound bar, the Dirty Skirts and all who were involved in making the launch of Lost in the Fall a success.  It was an amazing evening of debauchery and devilishly good music. I can now say it: My name is Boniswa Sidwaba and I am a Dirty Skirts groupie.

Sid Sidwaba




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