Review: The Illusionists


the illusionists 3Do you believe in magic? No? Well, you should. But you won’t have to take my word for it – the incredible cast of The Illusionists are sure to make a believer out of any skeptic. And if you do believe in magic… well… go and watch the show anyway! It’s great.

The world-class theatrics, humorous gags, shocking stunts, awe-inspiring tricks and over-all whimsical charm of the show made it difficult for me to leave the Grand Arena without feeling the same sense of wonder and amazement as the 7-year-old three seats down. We were both utterly amazed by the disappearing trick The Grand Illusionist, Darcy Oake, managed to pull off; left totally confused by the spot-on mind reading endeavours of The Mentalist, Chris Cox; and we both howled with laughter at the comedic antics of The Trickster, David Williamson.

The entire show is filled with theatrical and entertaining moments that kept the audience spellbound throughout. Coupled with the high-energy showmanship and captivating stage-presence that each of the seven performers possess, it is easy to see why The Illusionists are shattering box office records around the globe. The amazing feats of illusion, mentalism and sleight-of-hand portrayed on-stage leaves one with the sense that there might be more to this magic thing than meets the eye.

Despite the removal of The Escapist from the line-up (Krendl’s death-defying escape from a tank of water was doomed by Cape Town’s water crisis), The Illusionists still managed to execute a world-class show that kept every member of the audience in awe and disbelief. A definite must-see performance for any aspiring wizard or future Hogwarts student.

Kirsten Delcie

The Illusionists runs at GrandWest Casino and Entertainment World until 11 February 2018. 


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