Review: Two Door Cinema Club Ooze Quirkiness and Charm


Two_Door_Cinema_ClubThe 5 Gum Experience with the Two Door Cinema Club was, in a word, spectacular. And what is more desirable than a concert for which you can’t buy tickets held at a venue that doesn’t really exist?

The venue was in a super secret location. As the parking was at the airport I sniggered and reckoned it would just be in one of the warehouses. A hangar at best.  A broken down cement factory in Phillippi would have been my next guess. Sure enough, it looked like one of those “urban spaces” where fashion magazines make skinny girls in designer gowns pose at awkward angles. Projections of the stage and crowd were splashed against the walls in strategic places.

An international band with only one album to their name playing in South Africais about as scarce as a gingertop being instantly accepted by society. By bringing Two Door Cinema Clubinto the country, 5 Gum proved that both of those are possible. The Irish electro-pop trio was charming, energetic and quirky. It was fun looking at the face of the poppie next to me light up every time she recognised songs like ‘What You Know’, ‘Something Good Can Work’ and ‘I Can Talk’. “These three door club people are rather good” she said.

As the warm up act, Ashtray Electric was in top form playing a healthy mix of the old, the new and the yet to be released. Having seen a few mediocre gigs from them in the last few months I had come to prefer the band only in iPod form. On their Facebook page they claimed that the setlist was the “best they ever had”. I just think they where the best they have ever been.

Despite the limited toilets and a single pizza stand masquerading as a food court there were almost no negative Tweets or comments on Facebook. Most likely because the hipsters were hungry way before the 5 Gum Experience.

Basically it was a fantastic evening. To say more would make this sound like an advertorial. Thank you 5 Gum!

by Jana van Heerden


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