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Violent OnlineWe are living in the age of technology. From finding jobs to property to lovers, turning to the internet to sift through the pool of possibilities has become a reality for us.  We connect over pseudonyms and profile pictures.

Violet Online, starring the irresistibly charming Lynita Crofford, explores a middle-aged divorcee’s journey through cyberspace, trying to find love… or at least a hot night out. In candid monologue, based on the adventures of a real-life blogger who left her husband, we get to peek into the world of Violet. We get to know her by her online handle which, to her dismay, gets ‘Violently’ misspelled by some cyber beaux.

Violet Online is Sex and the City for real people. The tales are honest and openhearted. And it’s very close to home. In the style of individual blog posts, 14 sketches relate Violet’s close encounters of the sometimes-sexy kind. One takes us to the penthouse suite of the Crystal Towers hotel in Century City – a location and first-date failure that sent ripples of giggles through the audience. Others tell of her daring foray into a full Brazilian wax and what she truly thinks of the Tim Noakes diet.

The intimate Kalk Bay Theatre stage lends well to Violet’s story. We share her living space. As she narrates her adventures, she moves between her violet couch to her violet table and her violet chair while getting into naughty conversations online on her violet tablet. And she finds these chats on a multitude of platforms. Her bored divorced housewives’ addiction to online Scrabble leads her to Rob, who tells her about ‘titillating Scrabble’ which leads her to her first cybersex experience with Apoora in India. Internet dating platforms teach her a humiliating lesson in rejection and help her cross the racial barrier for the first time. She cruises through dating profiles and warns of the difference between the serial dater and the serious dater. It’s a rollercoaster ride with high and lows, with heartbreak and hope. And anyone who has ever traversed the uneven plains of internet dating will find a story that they will admit, with an inward smile, feels familiar.

Simple and very, very straightforward, this lighthearted but insightful one-woman show is directed by Megan Furniss, a deservedly well-known name in the theatre world. Though Lynita Crofford seems untamable with her sly grins and open sharing onstage, this power duo has brought forth a delightfully delicious 55 minute play – with an emphasis on play. There is something for everyone to enjoy in Violet Online, regardless of age or gender. A titillating view on the ups and downs of modern dating.

Marilu Snyders

Violet Online runs at the Kalk Bay Theatre until 8 February 2015.



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