Review: Waxing Lyrical At Mercury Live


In a recent departure from the norm, popular nightclub Mercury Live last night set up candlelit tables and chairs for an acoustic evening with some local, burgeoning talent much of which tended more towards the folksy than Mercury’s usual rock.

Local singer/songwriter Luna Paige was joined by percussionist extraordinaire Ronan Skillen, bluesman Gerald Clark,  performer, producer, composer and bass player Schalk Joubert, jazz drummer Kevin Gibson and the former Sons of Trout guitarist and singer Nick Turner, all of whom Paige has worked with in her ever growing career.

One of Paige’s greatest abilities is in the organising of events such as this – the bringing together of unusual talents in slightly offbeat places.  And while her singing and piano playing skills are good she shows off her talents even more as a lyricist. Having said that, her songs at this event all tended towards the crying-into-your-beer variety, rather than the stomp-along-to-the-beat type.  A more varied selection of songs may have been more appreciated, if only to get the blood pumping on a chilly night.

The other artists served as a great back up to the event. Schalk Joubert added cool base lines to songs, especially in Paige’s ‘Butterfly’ ; Gerald Clark was reminiscent of James Morrison, particularly in the bluesy ‘Marry Me’, while the startlingly talented Ronan Skillen as always brought a unique touch.

Mercury Live with its bar and décor such as the snare drum lamp shades, is an interesting location and suited the event nicely but the atmosphere was somewhat dampened by the cold weather outside which penetrated the big spacious room without mercy. It was also frustrating that the show – advertised to start at 8pm – actually started at nearly 9.30pm.  That aside it was a relaxed evening and place to grab a drink and just chill while listening to the music.

Lauren Vogt

Waxing Lyrical took place at Mercury live on 28 August 2013.


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